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Give all you can.

Heartland Methodist Foundation traces its roots back to the Preacher’s Aid Society of the Indiana Conference of the Methodist Church formed in 1835. A tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, the Foundation is considered a Public Foundation. It is a separate legal entity but shares a long history serving the Indiana Conference United Methodist Church. The Foundation receives no funding from any denomination. Its operations are supported by individual contributions, as well as administrative and management fees.

We are committed to supporting and resourcing congregations in their mission to make disciples for Christ.

Providing churches transformational leadership in finance and stewardship.


Assist: We provide assistance to churches developing planned giving ministries and training in stewardship development.

Manage: We manage more than 100 endowments and trusts which support a variety of missions and ministries. We manage these funds with utmost care and respect to the donors wishes and in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Invest: We provide professionally managed investment pools for our churches to use for their endowment funds. Most are invested in socially responsible companies.

Support: We take special care of our retired clergy, their families and surviving spouses.

Our Staff

The daily operations and outreach of the Foundation ministry are managed by dedicated staff. The operational staff are located at the office in Fishers, Indiana and the field staff are dispersed throughout the state.

  • Manet Shettle


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  • Glenn Howell

    Director of Development

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  • Jenni Walker

    Office Manager

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  • Sue Cunningham

    Accounting Assistant

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  • Dale Crabtree

    Marketing Officer

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  • Chris Jacobs


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  • Brian Phillips

    System Administrator

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Board Members

Monte Chamberlin
John Clay
Teri Crouse
Curt Edmonson
Karla Elliott
Daryl Gilbert
Heidi Harding
Shalimar Holderly
Shelley Johnson
Chris Lantz
Jeff Lorentson
James Need
Larry Price
David Robinson
Manet Shettle
Larna Spearman
Lee White
Larry Whitehead
George Wild
Craig Wood
Margaret Wood

Field Representatives

Todd Outcalt — Central, East, West, Southwest, North, North Central, Northeast and Northwest

Kevin Wrigley — South, Southeast