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Important question:  How do you say thank you to your givers? And, by the way, you should say thanks to your givers. You could:

  • Call any time a person makes a larger than normal gift
  • Call or write any time someone gives for the first time
  • Call or write any time someone pledges for the first time
  • Have someone who benefits from a gift write a thank you card (for instance, a camper on scholarship or a child who was given a Bible)
  • Take a picture of a difference-making ministry and text it to them, saying, “Thanks for Your Support”
  • Thank the congregation on Sunday morning when giving is strong
  • Put a hand-written sentence of thanks in the quarterly or annual statement
  • Take a giver to coffee
  • Have a thank-you dinner for your stronger givers
  • Have children make thank you gifts for all givers to the annual pledge drive
  • Record a quick selfie “thank you” on your cell phone and send it to them

You will find that good Christian folks are often humble and remind you that they didn’t give to be thanked. That is a good time to say, “I know that, and I appreciate that about you; but what you are doing is important and we are very grateful.” It will mean a lot to them.

There is a saying in the world of fund-raising. The reason people don’t give you a second gift is because you never said thank you for the first one.

Need help? For this and other ideas consider a visit from one of your Foundation staff members. Our presentation How to Say Thank You will give you many ideas. Contact me at [email protected] or 317-788-7879.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana

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