A couple of weeks ago I had my first case of vertigo. Let me tell you—that was no fun! For those who don’t know, vertigo is the result of a messed up inner ear, and the symptoms are that you feel dizzy and often nauseated. For the first couple days, every time I opened my eyes the room was spinning around my head. Walking, when I could do it, felt like I had been on spinning merry-go-round and had just gotten off. Had I been outside someone would have called the police to pick up a staggering drunk.

The truth is that nothing was spinning around me. Rather, my head and eyes were creating the illusion of movement. Fortunately, there are some exercises I could do to get my head right. Once that got back into balance, everything outside of myself got calmer, as well.

Sometimes the world around us seems like it is spinning out of control, and it makes us feel the same way. As Christians, however, we realize that what is going on inside us is a bigger problem than what is going on outside of us. That is why we practice the life of discipleship. Praying, giving, serving, and worshiping are the exercises that enable us to keep our inner life in balance. Indeed, stewardship, the faithful management of our time, talent, and treasure, is central to our spiritual life. It puts us in alignment with God, which brings the perspective of God, and finally, the peace of God. The world will always be a bit crazy and chaotic. That is life! Keeping our footing in the midst of it, that is the trick.

Be faithful. Be faithful stewards. Live with God at the center. Then nothing will move you, no matter how much it moves.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana