In 1835 the Preacher’s Aid Society was born.  The purpose of that organization was to help preachers through hard times and old age.  Since then, the Methodist church has changed through splits (think slavery) and mergers (EUB and Methodist).  Through those years it has had many names—for these last many years, The United Methodist Foundation of Indiana (UMFI).  While we still support retirees, the ministry has expanded to supporting churches in all their financial needs, providing investment services, loans, grants, scholarships, and lots of education for local congregations.  UMFI has thrived by being competent, relevant, and deeply committed to supporting and empowering local congregations.

Beginning in June, UMFI will take a new name—Heartland Methodist Foundation.  Same people.  Same competency.  Same values.  Same mission.  New name.

The first thing to notice is that we are less defined by geography.  Currently we have constituents who live beyond the boundaries of Indiana.  In addition, other nearby United Methodist conferences have foundations that are shifting how, and who, they serve.  This means we can help churches whose conferences no longer provide the services we do.  Also, we do not know how conference boundary lines may shift in the years to come, so we do not want to exclude future congregations wanting our support.

On top of that, many disaffiliated congregations have long had relationships with us.  Our promise was to serve all the churches we have served over the last many decades—no matter which way they decided to go.  So, laying claim to “Heartland” benefits all the relationships which are part of our mission.

In the days ahead you will receive communication from us, as you always have.  So be ready to see something different in terms of our name.  Remember, though, it is still the same old UMFI at your beck and call.

Finally, “Heartland” expresses something good.  We are that place in America where faith and values matter, where common sense and honesty are the standard.  In our faith, the heart is where the good stuff is, the center of receiving grace and finding joy.  The heart is the place that cares, and that cares enough to move into action.  We will continue to be a place in the heartland with a heart.

Heartland Methodist Foundation—it has a nice ring to it.  We will be seeing you in the days ahead.

Glenn HowellIf you would like information to help your congregation with stewardship and giving, your Foundation is here to help.  Contact us here or call us toll free at 877-391-8811.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana