This summer I have a trip planned to explore some early American history.  My plans include Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Monticello, and a few other points along the way.  One of the important steps before going is making a plan for the trip.  It starts with asking the travelers whether they are on board, what things matter to them, how much time is in our time frame, and how much money is needed.  So, there is a mission (learn about America).  There are the specific steps and stops along the way (how we fulfill the mission).  Then we plan resources for the mission (money needed to have a successful outcome).  Incidentally, if no one is on board with the trip (mission), then the amount of money doesn’t matter.

Soon churches will be thinking about their trip for 2024.  Yes, it seems early, but a good church does good planning.  That means there is a mission (reason for going forward).  Then comes the invitation to the travelers to help us with the steps and stops along the way (goals and objectives).  Then there is the plan for funding.  Please note that this is the order.  The mission and goals determine the financial need, not the other way around.

So how do churches do that well?  If you are unsure, I would invite you to join our Zoom workshop entitled, “Building a Detailed Budget.”  Our Foundation president, Manet Shettle, will lead you through the development of a healthy mission budget by engaging the leaders in your ministry action plan.  This session will focus on creating a budget process that provides both leadership support of the budget and accountability measurements for each ministry area.  Manet Shettle is a CPA and has years of experience in this area with our conference and our Foundation.

Please set aside time for your church’s leadership team to attend either Tuesday August 1, or Wednesday August 16.  You can register here.

Don’t just grab last year’s budget and do it all over again.  Plan a ministry trip that grows your church, grows God’s mission, and enriches all who are on board for the trip.  Enjoy our workshop and give us a call if you need more support.

Glenn HowellWe make house calls.  Let us know If you want more ideas for stewardship and giving, whether pastor or lay person.  Contact us at your United Methodist Foundation here or call us toll free at 877-391-8811.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana