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I was having a conversation with someone about his motivation for giving generously to so many different ministries he loved. An older man, he was mostly confined to his cane and an occasional walker. Aging with dignity he smiled and shrugged about his current condition as if to say, “it is what it is.” Then he said eight wonderful words:

“My money is me where I cannot be.”

Wow!  What a powerful statement. “My money is me where I cannot be.”

Although I am still healthy, I can appreciate that someday I will not be able to be present in all the places I would like. I once wondered about living and teaching abroad for several months. I would like to help more children in my town who are being bounced around by the system. I would love to encourage persons who are heading to seminary to learn about pastoring. Once I read about a school in Israel that has kids from four faiths in it—one of the best schools in the country—and I think it would be nice to go and be part of that, even if it means working in the cafeteria.

The truth is I can’t be everywhere I want. The greater truth is that I don’t have to be. My money is me where I cannot be. Perhaps I can’t be present, but they can feel my presence. Each time I am generous I am supporting education, helping kids, encouraging seminarians, and helping a school in Israel bring kids together in the ways of peace.

Where do you want to be? Perhaps this is God’s way of directing your stewardship until such time as you can get there—or maybe never do.

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Glenn Howell
Director of Development
United Methodist Foundation of Indiana